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Dear Editor,

We want to start off by saying it was an honor and a privilege to host this year’s Fourth of July Parade. The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce always enjoys working with the community to honor this great nation and express our gratitude to our veterans so we can truly Celebrate Small Town America with all the patriotism it deserves.

It wouldn’t have been a parade without our wonderful Grand Marshall, Brent Hill, accompanied by his family. The Rexburg Police Department was an integral piece to this awesome event. We respect and honor their service to our community; a huge "thank you" to them for volunteering their time and efforts to make this parade possible and for keeping our streets safe. Thank you to the City of Rexburg for allowing this parade and for being a place we can all be proud to live in and call our home.

Special thanks to everyone who participated and all the behind the scenes folk who helped this parade be a memorable and excellent experience for all involved: Jane Call—parade chairman, Bryanna Johnson—line up chairman, Kaydee Edralin—event operations manager, the entire chamber staff, and of course our wonderful commentators Kymberly Stoddard and Angela Rydalch. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing Kiwanis rangers. Another important organization we could not have had this parade without is Rocky Mountain Power. Their generous donation helped this parade be a massive hit.

Thank you to the Standard Journal for live-streaming this parade so social distancing and community health guidelines could be followed. Thirty-two thousand people tuned in for our parade via live-stream, this was a great opportunity for our businesses. We love our community and appreciate every effort they made to social distance to ensure the parade was a fun and safe experience for everyone, our community embodies all of the great virtues of small town America. The theme this year was “Celebrate Small Town America” and celebrate we did.

Christopher Mann, CEO / President Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce