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Dear Sugar Salem Wrestlers, Parents and Fans:

It is with mixed emotions and some deep regret that I have chosen to retire as the Head Wrestling Coach at Sugar-Salem High School. I want everyone to know how much I have appreciated all the support I have received at Sugar-Salem High School. I have made many friendships and these will not be soon forgotten, hopefully some of you will remain in touch! I want to thank all of you so much for welcoming me into your program, supporting our wrestlers and being so helpful this past few seasons. There are some wonderful parents, teachers, coaches, and fans at Sugar-Salem High School. I have had some wonderful conversations with many of you, after practice, at Fat Cats and in the grocery store.

I particularly want to thank the coaches who helped make Sugar-Salem Wrestling Great! Thank You! Coach Kolten Glider, Josh Norman, Brad Hansen, Louis Bean, Jake Glider and Bryan Westfall for all their extra work and support in coaching these special athletes. Five state titles in three Years! “Three Peat” of the regular state wrestling titles, plus “Back to Back” Academic State Titles. No other wrestling team in state history has ever accomplished this! The wrestlers at Sugar Salem are great young men and I admired their work ethic, character and teamwork, and for sharing themselves with the program and me.

I also want to thank the alumni, parents and the Digger Fans for all your help in one way or another the last few years. Also, our Stats girls were of tremendous help! I also want to thank the student body at Sugar-Salem for their support all season. I hate to single out individuals because so many of you contributed in one way or another and I would not want to slight anyone by leaving out their name. Please know that ALL OF YOU and the program will always hold a strong place in my heart and lasting memories for a lifetime! You are all very special and can be so proud of what you have here in Sugar City, Idaho!

One thing I do feel particularly good about in leaving behind, is a strong team that should do great things this coming season. With another year of experience and what looks to be a solid lineup I fully anticipate a State Team Championship run this coming year, along with several wrestlers standing on the podium at state. There are some wrestlers with tremendous talent and please know I will continue to root for you! I wish each of you the very best! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

All the best!

Most Sincerely,

Coach Keven Glider

Sugar City, ID