The problems with Sugar City’s present dilemma: First, the Rule of Law’s legal action came about because there were no audio records recorded on the regular council meeting held May 25, 2017 regarding Phase 3 of Old Farm Estates. Members of the Sugar City Council should have known these minutes were to be recorded. Bruce King was president of the council at that time. The Judge remanded back to the Sugar City council requiring they correct their mistake by holding a new council meeting so the city could properly record these minutes and the council members could then vote on this issue. This would satisfy the remand. The judge stipulated Bruce King, and Vaun Waddell had shown bias, therefore, these two individuals could not vote on any Issues regarding Phase 3 of Old Farm Estates. Their bias (prejudice) resulted in losing their right to vote.

Waddell and King filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider his ruling on their voting rights issues relating to Old Farm Estate Phase 3. The Lerwill’s then filed an injunction in an attempt to stop Waddell and King’s request for reconsideration. The judge is in the process of reconsidering his ruling. Since the Judge has not ruled, the city is awaiting his decision. This has caused another delay on the final outcome of Old Farm Estate, Phase 3.

Look how simple a solution could be. 1. Hold the required meeting and properly record the minutes. 2. The remaining council members would then vote, thus making their decision final as to how Old Farm Estates Phase 3 were to be managed. 3. The tort claim by Lerwill’s would go away since the council would resolve the tort claim demands within the 6 month time frame allotted. 4. The homeowners would not have to possibly face a $125.00 per month cost for 25 years to satisfy the tort claim. 5. All the laws would be complied with, and almost everyone could put this dilemma behind them. 6. The recall action against Mayor Ogden and Brent Barrus would be frivolous. 7. The request for a special attorney to represent each individual council member would be unnecessary. 8. The almost $95,000 legal fees incurred by Vaun and Bruce would be borne by themselves since actions have consequences.

The City Council meeting on the 29th of November you should plan to attend!

DeVerl Stoddard

Sugar City