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Anyone who thinks that President Trump can do no right is letting their emotions overwhelm their rational logic-based thought processes. President Trump has accomplished many significant achievements. So, why are so many life-long Republicans, true conservatives, not supporting his reelection?

Derek R. Wright

Derek R. Wright

First, it must be stated, in fairness, that anyone who thinks that President Trump can do no wrong is also letting their emotions overwhelm their rational logic-based thought processes. As difficult as it is to do, and it is incredibly difficult, the future of our country is dependent on every one of us overcoming our gut/emotional bias and letting our brains decide our vote.

So, we ask, are there issues that are so important that some of us Republicans are willing to support a Democrat for president, something that they have never done and never thought that they would ever consider doing? Many of us fear that a Democrat in office would do great damage to our country, but many loyal Republicans judge that four more years of an unrestrained President Trump would do more damage to our country than the other choice. While Democrats could do damage to our country during the next four years, they judge that the damage they know President Trump would inflict would likely be irreparable.

In addition to the issues upon which I elaborate below, lack of space causes me to omit the following issues: Respect for human life (not just abortion), ability to handle a racial crisis, corruption and the rule of law, family values, honesty, integrity.

National securityVery few people in the country have the inside information needed to judge the real risks to our national security. Therefore, we must listen to those who do have that information. We must pay attention to those Republicans who worked in intelligence, generals and military officers who were appointed to the administration by President Trump himself, and other experts who supported President Trump before working closely with him.

Now after having worked closely with President Trump, those former members of Trump’s administration judge him not to be the right person for the job, with some saying that they fear him to be a threat to our national security. These include President Trump’s director of national intelligence, secretary of homeland security, secretary of defense, the president’s chief of staff, secretary of state and many, many others. And this is only mentioning those who were appointed by Trump and worked directly for him.

There are hundreds of other Republicans, such as Gen. Colin Powell (former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff) that worked in national security for other Republican administrations and have warned us that President Trump is a threat to our nation. Every one of us owes it to our country to do some research to try to understand why these expert, informed, patriotic Republicans believe that President Trump, despite all the good achievements in his record, is a danger to our national security.

Ability to handle crisesPresident Trump has proved that he is not up to the task of handling national crises. Virtually all of the most competent members of his administration have either been fired or they resigned. When a crisis was upon us, President Trump failed to keep us safe and failed to keep our economy safe. One need not listen to all the back and forth between critics and supporters; one need only focus on results. The United States has more advantages than any other country; we had weeks more warning than most countries, we have the most and best medical and scientific professionals in the world, we had effectively limitless financial resources, we have unparalleled military and logistic capacity, we have the most and best technological corporations. All of that was squandered so that we became the epicenter of the pandemic. Yes, it started in China, but we could have and should have mitigated the virus better than any other nation. Instead, we were amongst the very worst, not only in saving lives but also in saving our economy. Again, one cannot argue with results, and the mistakes and the results continue to be disastrous to this day. President Trump’s reckless behavior, defying his own medical experts, has resulted not only in his illness but also in the quarantining of almost all our top military and intelligence leadership. Again, President Trump has put himself above our national security.

Climate changeEven if some do not believe that climate change is significantly man-caused, the rest of the world does believe it and is taking action. As a result, those nations that move toward developing technologies and industries toward renewable energy sources will prosper. The energy choices we make as a nation will affect the health, lives and economic prosperity of generations to come. Climate change disasters (wildfires, floods, hurricanes, etc.) already cost our nation billions every year and imperil our national security (just ask the Navy). We must build our economy to get those jobs, and we are running out of time.

Refusal to commit to accepting election resultsWe should have no problem with President Trump working and devoting resources to ensure that the election is fair and legitimate, but if any other president had ever threatened the very bedrock of our democracy with this kind of outrageous public threat, he would have been accused of treason, and rightly so. Again, this is a threat to our nation.

The ongoing political campaigns are going to be focused on scaring us. Those of us that are loyal Republicans will seize upon any reason, on a daily basis, to swing back toward President Trump. When that happens, we must reevaluate these most important issues. The future of our country is at stake. We must put country above party. We can rebuild the Republican Party and bring us back from Democratic policies. We may not be able to repair the threats to our country from four more years of an unrestrained President Trump.

Derek Wright is a registered Republican and retired vice president of a construction company. He holds an engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.