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Guest column

As this commentary is being written, there continues to be disruption in Washington, D.C. as none of us have ever witnessed before in our lifetimes. Thousands of National Guard troops remain guarding the capitol building and other federal facilities. Rhetoric continues to abound across the political spectrum in congress where Democrats and Republicans are in heated discussions over the impending impeachment of former President Donald Trump for a second time.

Locally, Rexburg and Madison County residents are also debating the merits of impeaching Trump.

Without a doubt, this is Trump’s darkest hour, but as the saying goes: “There is a light at the end of the tunnel.” The “light” that I am referring is history.

Aside from strong human emotions where some people abhor Trump while others adore him, looking ahead twenty or so years into the future, I believe that forthright historians will vindicate Trump.

Below is a partial list of Trump’s accomplishments, which he was able to achieve in just four years:

l Pro-life stance – To quote Trump: “I will always defend the sacred right to life.” This past September, Trump signed the “born alive” executive order protecting babies from infanticide after birth.

l A robust economy – Before the COVID-19 virus struck us a year ago, we had one of the hottest economies ever in our nation’s history and locally with the Madison County region thriving. Employment for African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities across our nation were at historical record highs.

l COVID-19 response – As soon as it became evident, Trump took swift action to protect Americans. When Gov. Cuomo requested help, the president sent the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Comfort to New York Harbor. Also, he sent thousands of much needed ventilators to the Empire State. Most significant of all, Trump was responsible for the rapid development (within nine months) of at least two vaccinations for the deadly virus by encouraging research and overcoming the federal bureaucracy.

l Supreme Court Justices – One of Trump’s lasting legacies will be his successful appointment of three constitutionally friendly justices.

l Strong military – Trump recognized the need for a powerful, updated military to protect us from adversaries including North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.

l Space Force – As science becomes more sophisticated in outer space, we need to have a greater awareness of protecting our reconnaissance and communications satellites. Without them functioning properly, our security and standard of living would suffer considerably.

l Energy Independence – For the first time in over fifty years, Trump freed us from expensive Middle East oil imports. It was a smart move from both economical and defense strategic viewpoints.

l Support of law enforcement – This past year while Black Lives Matter, Antifa other anti-civil forces were burning down our major cities and injuring innocent people, Trump expressed strong support of police officers. He offered to fortify them with necessary armaments for their protection. Also, his actions boosted cop’s sagging morale.

l Middle East Peace – Since Israel became an independent state in 1947, there has been turmoil between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Within the past few months, the Trump Administration had brokered a few major peace agreements. Trump has been nominated for at least three Nobel Peace Prizes.

No doubt, Trump’s leadership the past four years has been controversial, more so in recent memory than any other President of the United States.

History will likely be good to Trump with recognition of his numerous positive accomplishments that will far overshadow his alleged misdeeds.

Bob Ziel is a retired TV and radio newsman who lives in Rigby.