Sunnie Dawn Bates

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Sunnie Dawn Bates 12/16/1969 - 11/6/2022 Sunnie Dawn Bates, also known with the last names Seghetti, Maser and Sanderson, passed away in her sleep in the early morning hours of November 6th, 2022. She lost her long battle to breast cancer that had spread around her body and to her brain.

Sunnie was preceded in death by her parents, Ann and Jan, her niece, Renee Smith, her sister, Bambi, her brother, Hayden, her grandmother, Fannie, several uncles and her aunt, Chertsin. She lives on through her husband, Tim Sanderson ll, Daughter, Taylor Seghetti Orr, Son, River Maser, Brother, Monte Bates, Sister-in-law, Marylin Bates, Son in law, Justin Orr, grandsons, McKoy and Bodi Orr, Stepchildren, Timothy, Carol, William, Clayton and Valerie, and many more who considered Sunnie family.

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