YNP looking for man for intentionally disturbing bison calf

Yellowstone National Park authorities are looking for this man who they believe deliberately disturbed a newborn bison calf. The animal later died. 

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Yellowstone National Park law enforcement officers are asking the public for information about an incident that occurred on the evening of May 20, 2023, between an unidentified man and a newborn bison calf in the park’s northeast corner. The unfortunate incident where the man intentionally disturbed the calf resulted in the death of the calf.

An unidentified white male in his 40-50's, wearing a blue shirt and black pants, approached a newborn bison calf in Lamar Valley near the confluence of the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek. The calf had been separated from its mother when the herd crossed the Lamar River. As the calf struggled, the man pushed the calf up from the river and onto the roadway. Visitors later observed the calf walk up to and follow cars and people.

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