Teresa Pitcher

Teresa Pitcher

A woman who was previously employed inside the Cache County Jail was booked into the Cache County Jail on Friday on suspicion of engaging in sexual activity with an inmate.

According to Lt. Doyle Peck, 54-year-old Teresa Pitcher was a contract employee who worked for the company that provides food service to jail inmates.

Her security clearance at the jail was recently revoked, although Peck said Friday afternoon he wasn't immediately sure what led to that.

However, sometime after that, jail staff were conducting routine reviews of phone calls made from the jail and discovered conversations between Pitcher and an inmate.

Based on those conversations, authorities learned the two had engaged in oral sex and Pitcher had brought contraband — a cell phone and extra food — into the jail for the inmate.

While Pitcher was booked into jail Friday morning on a charge of custodial sexual relations, a third-degree felony, criminal charges had not been filed as of Friday afternoon.


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