ISLAND PARK - Monday morning brought with it lots of bad weather that caused for multiple accidents.

“Island Park was a mess this morning,” reported Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputy Ally Greenhalgh who responded to some of those accidents.

She reported an accident occurring around 10 a.m. where a white SUV rolled at Red Rock Road on Highway 210 at milepost 397.

“There was a passenger who had minor hand injuries. It was a winter related accident,” she said.

Also Monday morning, a white Land Rover rolled on Ashton Hill. Once again snowy wet weather caused the accident. The driver escaped without injury, Greenhalgh said. 

“The hill was really really snowy this morning. I think he slid and couldn’t get back control and went off the road,” she said.

Around 4:30 a.m. Monday, a semi crashed off the side of Highway 20.

“I don’t think it was due to road conditions. We’re not sure what caused it. It might have been a medical issue that caused him to lose consciousness and to drive off the road and to flip the semi on its side,” she said.

The trucker was hauling produce such as fruit, lettuce and carrots that spilled out of the back of his semi, she said.

“(The crash) broke open his trailer,” Greenhalgh said.

The driver was from Minnesota and didn’t suffer any injury following the incident.

“He was up walking around and talking when we got there,” Greenhalgh said.

As more information on the accidents becomes available, the Standard Journal will update these stories.