SUGAR CITY — Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Dave Thompson recently presented the Sugar City Council with development recommendations for Old Farm Estate’s Division Three.

Division Three proved controversial for the city during the past three years. A flurry of lawsuits was filed between the city and developers before the situation came to a settlement in April. The resulting settlement allowed for development to continue in Old Farms Estates.

During its recent city council meeting, the city approved the Findings of Fact for the various developments planned for inside Division Three while noting various concerns for Sugar Meadows Cottage Homes, Sugar Ridge Cottage Homes, Old Farm Townhomes and Targhee Townhomes.

Thompson noted P&Z recommendations for Old Farm Townhomes and Targhee Townhomes planned by for developers Ray McDougal and Ryan Lerwill. P&Z presented the following concerns for the city council to address.

“City Code 8-6-2 (O) Backing onto Public Right of Way – the individual owners of the units would be backing out onto a city street, front of the units are mostly concrete and asphalt and should have a 40/60 ratio between hardscape and softscape, total square footage per lot, city code is conflicting and lacking concerning townhomes,” Thompson reported.

Hardscape involves driveways while softscape is made up of shrubbery and lawns.

P&Z also noted concerns for Sugar Ridge and Sugar Meadows development planned for expansion by Blake Walker.

“The commission recommended the PUDs (planned unit developments) with the noted following conditions and concerns for the council to address: Total square footage of some homes are less than 1,000 square feet, minimum lot size is too small, city code is conflicting and lacking concerning cottage homes,” said P&Z.

For the Old Farm Estates Townhomes, the city is also requiring that a park be created.

“A narrow strip of land connected to the plat, which was not included or platted, will be maintained as a park or planted into crops to control weeds,” reported P&Z.

The city opted to hold a public hearing to discuss the P&Z’s recommendations at 7 p.m., Thursday, July 18, at city hall located at 208-3561. The meeting is open to residents. For more information call the city at 208-356-7561.