‘Nic Sick’ documentary addresses youth vaping in Idaho

Idaho Public Television plans to broadcast the “Nick Sick” documentary discussing the dangers of vaping.

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It was the first day of middle school in Sandpoint when 12-year-old Justice took her first vape hit in the girls’ bathroom. She thought vaping would make her popular. Damien started vaping in middle school to ease his stress. By the time he got to high school in Nampa he wasn’t able to catch his breath during exercise. Chase started vaping with his friends in Jerome when he was 12, then he became so addicted he was expelled from his high school for multiple vaping-related offenses.

Justice, Damien and Chase’s stories are not unique. Idaho is in the midst of a youth vaping crisis: one in five teens has tried vaping at least once. And according to Idaho medical experts, kids are vaping as early as age seven.

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