MADISON/FREMONT COUNTY − Upper Valley voting proved mixed as Fremont County experienced a larger than expected turnout while Madison County voting was significantly low.

In Fremont County there were 6,714 registered voters at the cutoff date. An additional 119 voters registered and voted on Election Day, reports the county’s website.

The total number of registered voters in Fremont County was 6,833, but only 2,236 ballots were cast. The county reported that 32.7 percent of registered voters hit the polls meaning that roughly 4,597 registered voters (63.7 percent) stayed home or were unable to vote. While a low percentage of residents voted, county officials reported more than expected turned out to cast their ballots on Tuesday.

The county’s Ambulance Levy to increase its budget by $410,000 lost. It needed 66.6 percent of the vote to pass. There were 1,178 votes for the initiative and 1,056 votes against it.

In Ashton, incumbent Teresa Hansen, received 120 votes while council newcomer John A. Scafe, netted 94 votes.

Shilo Hill and Don E. Burt were elected to the Drummond City Council receiving a combined 10 votes.

In Island Park, Mike Bogden was elected as mayor of Island Park receiving 25 votes to Bruce Ard’s 31.

Dal Schwendiman was elected as the Newdale mayor with 76 votes to his opponent Chad Steven’s 25.

In St. Anthony, Russell Rubert, Wendy Sykes, and Rick Hill were voted into office. Rubert received 319 votes, Sykes netted 198 while 382 ballots were cast for Hill.

Phil Sutherin was elected as Teton’s mayor with 79 votes.

In Madison County, Sugar City had 56.3 percent of its registered voters cast ballots on Election Day. There are 941 registered voters in Sugar City and 36 of them registered on Election Day. Of those registered to vote, only 530 ballots were cast.

Rexburg had only 17.1 percent of its registered voters at the polls. The total number of registered voters in the city is 12,079 but only 2,069 cast ballots. On Election day, 310 citizens registered and voted at the same time.

According to the Madison County Clerk’s office, the voting numbers were changed due to an error where they counted the absentee ballots twice. Although the number of votes changed, the outcome was the same.

”We noticed that the absentee ballots had been included in the totals twice,” a statment from the Madison County Clerk’s Office read. “This correction has been made and as mentioned there was NO change in the outcome of the election. The results posted Election night were unofficial and the Canvass of the vote will be November 12 by the Madison County Commissioners reflecting the final correct tally.”

In Sugar City, Steven Adams won with 367 votes to current Mayor David Ogden’s 161. Joy Ball and Steve Davis were elected for a four-year term on the council, with a combined 547 votes. Connie Fogle and Catherine Nielsen were elected for two-year terms on the council, with a combined 616 votes.

In Rexburg, Jerry Merrill was re-elected with 1,489 votes to his opponent’s 556 votes. Members elected to the City Council included incumbents Tisha Flora and Jordan Busby. Flora acquired 1,519 votes and Busby acquired 1,354 votes. Bryanna Johnson was also elected and received 1,354 votes.

Editors Note: Although these are official numbers from the Madison and Fremont County Clerk’s offices, these figures aren’t absolute. These figures and election results will be final after county commissioners have canvased the votes. They will likely canvas the votes during their next commissioner meetings.