Facebook auction/fundraiser set for Lyndsie Young

(Courtesy photo)

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Lyndsie Young’s family is hopeful that she’ll return home from the hospital in two weeks.

Young is currently being treated at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center following a July 17 accident south of St. Anthony. She was the only survivor of the accident that claimed the lives of her close friends Natalia McCoy, Mitchell Hansen and Liam Buchanan.

Lyndsie Young’s brother, Rob Young reports that his sister is up and walking. Her breathing tube has also been removed.

“She’s in pain, bored and wants to go home. She has walked up the hall with assistance,” he said. “She is doing a little better each day. She can’t talk any louder than a whisper, but she does talk a little more now.”

Lyndsie doesn’t recall the accident, he said.

“She remembers up to about a week before is all we know of so far,” Rob Young said.

The family has not yet told Lyndsie that her friends are deceased.

“Mainly, we’ve been delaying, so she is capable of crying. (We’re) hoping we won’t have to tell her multiple times,” Rob said. “We had been hoping to get a few more of us or her twin sister in to help tell her, but the hospital won’t allow anyone else in right now.

Since the accident, numerous fundraisers have been held to help all the victims’ families involved financially. Lyndsie’s cousin, Nichole Smith, of Alaska, recently set up a Facebook auction and fundraiser to help defray hospital costs for Lyndsie.

“There will be ongoing medical expenses for her family, and we wanted to set up a way for people to help,” wrote Smith on the Facebook page called “Online Fundraiser and Auction for Lyndsie Young”.

Bidding on the items closes at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

“Remember that the money goes to the Young family, so we don’t want to leave any on the table,” she wrote. “This fundraiser will only be successful if we can add a significant number of people. Thank you for being willing to donate your products, services and money to help out Lyndsie and her family!”

For more information on the fundraiser visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/298724091445157/