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Inclement weather temporarily shuttered Ashton schools Tuesday.

“All of North Fremont schools were closed because of blowing and drifting snow,” said Fremont School District Transportation Director Misty Wocelka.

Ashton Elementary, North Fremont Middle and North Fremont High Schools were closed. 

State and county highway workers informed Wocelka around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday that Highway 47 near Cave Falls and Highways 32 and 33 were impassible.

“In Squirrel out there, it’s always blown in with snow. There’s always drifts out there. Whenever somebody sneezes, it will close the road,” she said.

Fremont School District Superintendent Byron Stutzman drove out on 500 North around 5:00 a.m. Tuesday where he noted 15-foot high snowdrifts.

“The road was open, but blowing snow made it a little difficult to see. I went south a mile and back in on 400 North. It wasn’t quite as bad. The wind had died down just a little bit, but when I was coming back in, it was difficult to see (because) the snow is going sideways,” he said.

Around 5:30 a.m., Stutzman canceled school for the day.

“I got messages from the state road crew and country road crew that they were having a difficult time fighting the drifts. We knew the skies were going to clear up and be nice, but we knew the wind would keep blowing. In that case, it’s almost impossible to keep those roads open,” he said.

While North Fremont Schools were closed, the district’s remaining schools in St. Anthony, Parker and Teton remained open Tuesday.

Tuesday was the second time in three weeks that North Fremont schools had closed because of inclement weather.

“There will be no makeup days — not yet. We’ve still got just a little bit of a cushion left,” Stutzman said.

Stutzman said he hadn’t received any complaints from parents.

“Parents realize this is Idaho,” he said.

The hope is that classes in Ashton will resume on Wednesday, Wocelka said.

“It all depends on Mother Nature,” she said.