SFHS junior to serve as BPA State Secondary President

(Courtesy photo)

Annely Magallanes was recently selected to serve as the 2021-2022 BPA Secondary President. She will spend the next year serving as the “face of BPA professionals.”

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A South Fremont High School junior has been selected to serve as the 2021-2022 Idaho Business Professionals of America State Secondary President.

Annely Magallanes, 16, will serve 1,200 high school Business Professionals of America for Business and Technology students during the year.

“She’s actually going to be the face of Idaho Business Professionals of America for the next year,” said Karli Sudweeks, who serves as the high school’s business and marketing teacher.

BPA is dedicated to helping students pursue careers in management, information technology, finance and accounting, reports bpa.org. It consists of 1,800 chapters and 45,000 members nationally.

Magallanes was shocked to win.

“It was very surprising,” she said. “It was almost a relief that my hard work had paid off.”

Magallanes spent a month filling out the necessary paperwork in hopes of serving as a BPA officer. The application included a resume, cover letter and a 100-word statement explaining why Magallanes wanted to be a BPA office, and what she hoped to achieve by doing so. It also required being interviewed by BPA officials as well as giving a five-minute speech to organizers.

Ten other high school students across Idaho applied for a BPA office.

“I was a little bit nervous because they were amazing candidates. I knew it was going to be a hard decision for the voting delegates,” Magallanes said.

The candidates don’t run for a specific office but are instead chosen by BPA officials to serve in various capacities, she said.

“They place you in whatever you’re best at. It really was a honor to be chosen and have a title like secondary president,” Magallanes said.

BPA is made up of four divisions that include: the middle level that includes junior high students, secondary for high school students, post secondary level involving college students and the alumni division for professionals.

Magallanes will serve as the voice for high school BPA members while also working with four other high school BPA officers, Sudweeks said.

“They work together to develop professional career-focused leadership, networking and other workplace readiness skills. That’s another bonus for being a state officer,” she said.

Magallanes’ win also means that she will be in charge of next year’s Boise leadership conference. In addition, she will spend the year traveling and speaking with legislators to advocate for the career student organization.

Magallanes joined BPA earlier this year, and, while she wasn’t familiar with the BPA organization, she was willing to learn, Sudweeks said.

“I said ‘You don’t have the experience, but what you don’t have in BPA experience, you have in natural leadership ability.’ I don’t think she felt like she was going to win because of her lack of experience,” she said.

The process of being interviewed and being selected took a week, Sudweeks said.

“She was selected as the president based on her academic skills, how well she interviewed and just her leadership abilities,” she said.

The daughter of Fernando and Rosario Magallanes, Annely is the fifth of six children.

“Every time I sign up for everything my mom has this little talk with me and says ‘If you don’t win, you’re going to be fine,’” Annely said. “I said ‘I got it. I’ll be okay with it.’”

When Annely won, Rosario was out of town causing Annely to call her.

“I said, ‘Mom, guess what?’ She said ‘Oh, no, what happened?’ I said ‘You are talking to the new BPA president.’ She really was so excited for me,” she said.

Annely will graduate from South Fremont in 2022. She plans to attend the Pocatello-based Idaho State University to major in business management. Some day, Annely wants to work as a human resource manager.

While at South Fremont, Annely serves as the school’s junior class president. Her favorite class involves student council.

“We do a lot of service to others, and a lot of things that keep us moving and keeping the kids involved. I think it’s awesome to plan activities (like) dances, and to see how everyone enjoys them,” she said.

Next to the student council class, Annely enjoys her honors English class.

“I like writing. That’s my favorite part about it. I like writing essays, and I actually really like the literature that we talk about. I have a really good teacher, Mary Cory. She’s super good to work with,” she said.

Annely says the biggest benefit of serving with BPA is that it teaches so many things like interview skills and small business management.

“I know these would not have been taught to me if I had not joined this organization. It looks good on your high school transcript,” she said.

As for being selected as BPA Idaho Business Professionals of American State Secondary President, Annely says it was thrilling.

“The personal benefit is the satisfaction of just competing and placing. It’s really awesome. It’s been such an experience,” she said.

For more information on BPA visit https://bpa.org/nlc/.