Suspect Intruder at the Cedars 1

A screenshot from video footage showing the suspect walking through an apartment hallway.

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The Rexburg Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying a person who illegally entered several apartments.

On June 6, a male suspect entered The Cedar’s Women’s Apartments. According to a police department daily press report from June 7, the suspect had entered a woman’s apartment while she slept. She woke up to find the subject standing over her and he ran from the room.

The police have video footage from the apartment showing the subject entering an unlocked apartment and leaving a short time later, according to a police news release. The department has released a video of the suspect walking in the hallway of the apartment.

According to police, the suspect was seen leaving the Cedar’s complex and then tracked to the Cove Women’s Apartments a block away. He then illegally entered several unlocked apartments there.

The male is wearing dark color pants, a black hoodie, a blue stocking cap and multicolored sneakers in the video. He is also wearing a light blue facial covering.

“We are asking the public to study the video and if you recognize any features, mannerisms, or clothing, we ask that you contact the Rexburg Police Department,” the release says. “Although we take pride in living in a safe community, we also want to remind you to please take precautions when at your home or residence and always lock your doors whether you are home or away.”

Individuals can contact the police department at 208-359-3000. Anyone with information about the suspect can regarding contact Detective Chuck Kunsaitis at 208-359-3008. The release says people with information can remain anonymous.