RC Mercantile Shop adds craft store to facility

Nikki and Troy Richards plan to add a craft store to their RC Mercantile shop located at 756 N. 2nd East. It will be the first craft store opened since A.C. Moore closed two years ago.

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Those mourning the loss of not one — but two — major Rexburg craft stores since 2018 may take heart in knowing that the RC Mercantile Shop is in the process of creating one.

The former Porters Craft and Frame closed in 2018. A.C. Moore set up shop in the Porters location that year, but closed in 2019 leaving a crafting void for many.

Fast forward to 2021, and Nikki and Troy Richards plan to fill that void by opening their RC Mercantile Craft Store. Plans call to sell everything from children’s art kits to yarn to Minky Fabric at the facility located at 756 N. 2nd East.

“My wife is very creative, and crafting is her forte,” Troy said.

“I’m a craft connoisseur, “ Nikki said. “My house looks like a craft store.”

The couple has run the Rustic Floral and Gifts Shop adjacent to the mercantile shop since 2019. They will continue to run the floral shop in addition to the new craft store.

Nikki had always wanted to also run a craft store. To find out if Rexburg residents would be interested in one as well, she ran a survey on the Facebook page “Life in Rexburg” where she asked residents if they wanted a new craft store.

Respondents overwhelmingly agreed that a Rexburg craft store was needed, and that it should offer fabric, sewing supplies, yarn, paper, paints and wooden items.

“They definitely wanted a craft store. People have been asking me ‘When are you starting?’” Nikki said.

The Richards opened their craft store April 1. It currently carries Minky fabric, ribbon, silk flowers and children’s quilting kits. Nikki has also ordered crystal art and wooden kits for kids. She wants to sell yarn and is looking for a vendor who offers it. Nikki is also planning to offer vinyl for customers to make signs and shirts.

The couple plans to have a grand opening this summer called “Christmas in July.” Eventually, Nikki wants to offer craft classes like Porters did at one time.

“Even with COVID, we could set five to 10 people, six feet apart, to craft. I’m really excited for that,” she said. “I want to have the community classes and have a place for a girls’ night out.”

The couple purchased the RC Mercantile Shop from a family member after he retired. Despite the pandemic, they started making plans for their craft store in October.

“Call us crazy, I guess,” Troy said.

Both widowed as young parents, the couple met online and married 11 years ago. The couple are the parents of eight “Yours, Mine and Ours” children. The Richards are also teaching their kids about running their own business by having them oversee the family’s RC Pumpkin Patch for the past seven years.

Of note, Nikki’s craft store took root in the pumpkin patch where she also set up a small store selling crafts she had spent the previous summer making.

“I thought ‘I’ll craft and sell them in October.’ It kind of grew every year,” she said.

Her pumpkin patch craft store became so popular she decided to set up her store inside the couple’s tile shop.

Nikki says that she’s excited to see her craft store up and running. She says it’s vital that anybody running a business have a passion for it otherwise it’s just a chore.

“You have to be excited about it, so you want to get up and show up for work,” she said.

For more information on the new craft store call 208-419-3386.