Turman press conference

Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman speaks to reporters Friday about the Feb. 15 officer-involved shooting, which led to the death of Rexburg resident Troy Alton Allen.

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The Rexburg Police Department identified the man who died during an officer-involved shooting on Feb. 15.

Troy Alton Allen was the suspect of illegally entering another person’s apartment, said Police Chief Shane Turman during a Friday press conference.

Turman said police arrived within minutes after being dispatched to the caller’s apartment in Brenchley Apartments. The caller reported to police that Allen had forced himself into her apartment looking for another person that was not there. She felt threatened and was afraid he would strike her.

The victim requested that Allen be charged with breaking and entering and wanted him trespassed from her apartment. She identified Allen to the officers and told them which apartment number he lived at. Allen also was a resident at the Benchley Apartments and police located him in one of the apartment’s hallways.

Turman said Allen lied to the officers about his name, and that the department has dealt with Allen more than once in the past. Allen refused to give police identification and did not comply when officers told Allen to remove his hand from his pocket.

Shortly after, Allen came at the officers in an aggressive manner with his hand still in his pocket. Police retreated as far as they could in the hallway of the apartment complex, continuing to order him to remove his hand from his pocket, Turman said.

When Allen closed the distance between himself and the officers, they fired at him and Allen collapsed, he said. Police secured Allen and called an EMT which arrived on scene within three minutes of the shots being fired. Allen was declared deceased when the EMT arrived.

Turman could not answer whether Allen was armed, because the East Idaho Critical Incident Task Force Team is still investigating the shooting.

“The manner in which he acted would leave me, as an officer if I was on the scene, to believe that he was armed,” Turman said.

None of the officers involved in the shooting were injured, and they have been placed on administrative leave according to task force and Rexburg Police Department policy.

The victim told police that Allen seemed “strung out.” Turman said Allen had no history of violence in prior incidents and he was cooperative with police in those interactions. He was unable to confirm if officers on the scene noticed unusual behavior from Allen because he is unable to speak with them yet.

The officers are still unnamed, as part of the investigation. Turman reached out to their families and Allen’s family to express his condolences and sympathies for what happened he said.

“I want to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Mr. Allen and to the officers involved and their families. These things are never easy and something that no officer ever wants to be involved in,” Turman said. “The taking of a life has a deep and profound effect upon all involved.”

He said he expects the task force to finish its investigation within two to three weeks. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is leading the team, and is being assisted by Idaho State Police, Idaho Falls Police, Blackfoot Police, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Jefferson County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Video evidence from the apartment complex, and video footage from the body cameras of officers involved, have all been turned over to the investigation, Turman said.

The fatal officer-involved shooting was the fourth in a week in eastern Idaho. The others were in Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Blackfoot.

This shooting also came four hours before the department could be fully staffed, Turman said. Earlier in February, Turman requested an additional officer be added to the department because of an unusual and significant increase in the number of calls the department was responding to in January.

“We didn’t quite make it and we are understaffed again at this point,” he said. “We’re having to make adjustments to do just the daily police work that we are required to do.”