Lyndsie Young expected to leave EIRMC Tuesday afternoon

(Courtesy photo Rob Young)

Lyndsie Young at far right in the first row is hoping to return home as early as Tuesday. Here she's shown with her siblings. 

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Lyndsie Young may be released from the hospital as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

Her mother Melinda Young reported that once released from Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Lyndsie Young would need continued treatment. A head wound is of great concern, she said.

“She will require 24-hour observation, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech (brain) therapy,” she said. “So we will be busy but at home.”

Melinda Young’s oldest child, Rob, said Lyndsie is anxious to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

“If she gets her way, she’ll be home tomorrow (Tuesday),” he said.

On July 17, Young and her three friends Mitchell Hansen, Natalia McCoy and her boyfriend Liam Buchannan traveled south on U.S. Highway 20 near St. Anthony when the car they were riding in lost control, rolled and threw all four children from the vehicle. One died at the scene while the other three were transported to area hospitals. Two of the youth died at the hospitals.

Melinda Young says that Lyndsie Young doesn’t remember the accident but does recall the week prior.

“She knows she’s in the hospital, and knows she was in an accident,” Melinda Young said.

On Monday, Lyndsie Young asked Melinda Young about the accident and about her friends who were in the car with her.

“Lyndsie started asking what happened, and my mom answered each question,” Rob said.

Lyndsie Young has been able to talk somewhat, Melinda Young said.

“She can only whisper. We don’t know if her vocal cords are damaged or are paralyzed,” Melinda Young said.

While Lyndsie Young can only whisper, she’s communicated in other ways.

“She’s been face timing just a couple of people. She can text, and so far that’s worked. Her phone is broken, and she asked me who broke it.”

The phone was damaged during the accident, Melinda Young said.

The crash left Lyndsie Young with broken facial bones, gashes on her forehead and a broken nose. The accident also damaged one of Lyndsie Young’s knees and lacerated her liver.

“She’s really banged up. There’s hardly an inch of her that’s not bruised,” said Melinda Young, who as a Registered Nurse has a unique insight into Lyndsie Young’s injuries.

Melinda Young says that accident left her devastated, but so thankful that Lyndsie Young survived the crash.

“It was shocking. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, but we’re grateful. We’ve been blessed,” Melinda Young said.

Yet, there’s also the sorrow Melinda Young feels for Lyndsie’s friends who died as a result of the accident, Melinda said.

“I just feel bad that the others are not still here,” she said.

When Melinda Young realized there had been a car crash on Highway 20 July 17, her mother’s intuition kicked in.

“When I saw that Highway 20 was blocked from an accident, I kind of knew something was up. I had no idea it was going to be this bad,” she said.

Melinda Young says she’s not bitter about what happened, as she says it doesn’t do her or anybody else any good. She says she needs to remain focused on Lyndsie and to be there for her seven other children.

“They all wish they could see her. They just do the best they can do,” Melinda Young said.

Melinda Young has been with Lyndsie Young every day since the accident and says her daughter has received excellent care from the EIRMC staff.

“I’m just grateful she’s here and doing better than expected,” Melinda Young. “Lyndsie definitely has got a purpose She’s a miracle.”