Rexburg traffic stacks up in the middle of the day, even during the summer when the majority of the Brigham Young University-Idaho students are not in town. September 7, 2021.

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Brigham Young University-Idaho sent out an email to all the students coming back to Rexburg for Fall semester this weekend, encouraging students to travel safely and expect major delays towards the end of this week.

“Please plan ahead, as thousands of students are expected to arrive in Rexburg this week,” the official BYU-Idaho student correspondence read, “Some housing managers may allow early check-in for those who want to beat the crowds,”

During Fall semester of 2020, according to a BYU-Idaho enrollment statistics report, there were 26,963 campus based students and approximately 18,000 students were living in Rexburg. That was a 7.1% increase from Fall semester 2019.

This trend is likely to continue into this new semester which will cause the massive influx of people moving into Rexburg towards the end of this week.

Madison Derosier, a senior studying Physics at BYU-Idaho, elected to stay in Rexburg for the majority of the summer partially to avoid the stress of move in weekend.

“Move-in weekend is always stressful,” Derosier said, “Be courteous of the residents here as you move in and take everything one step at a time. It can be overwhelming but everything settles down after move in weekend.”

Restaurants, grocery stores and hotels will be full almost all weekend. Avoiding these places would be wise, so plan on doing your shopping before this weekend, if you can manage.

“Try to avoid Walmart at all costs. That place is a mad house this weekend,” Derosier said, “Generally campus is a pretty hectic area around that time as well.”

Long wait times at restaurants and in drive-throughs in town and increased traffic off all three US-20 Rexburg exits should generally be expected as well.

“Consider taking an alternative exit off of US-20 to avoid traffic congestion. All three Rexburg exits can be used to make your way to campus and nearby housing. Please be safe and courteous while driving,” A suggestion that also equally applies to residents of Rexburg and the surrounding areas, throughout the weekend.