Ashton multipurpose court to be completed by July

(Courtesy photo)

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After two years of planning, Ashton’s new multipurpose court will be built inside its city park this summer. Plans call to pour the court’s surface by the first week of June.

The tennis court comes at a cost of $142,000. The state granted around $71,000 while the Idaho Falls-based CHC Foundation chipped in $13,000 and Blue Cross of Idaho donated $10,000. Rocky Mountain Power provided $5,000 while former Mayor Teddy Stronks donated $2,000 he received by participating in two Mayor’s Walks. Residents and private businesses have also donated various amounts, but not quite enough to cover the entire cost.

“We had two guys from Indianapolis donate $2,500. We’ve just had a lot of people donating. Thank heavens. The people are excited about it. We’ve had a lot of good donations from a lot of good people,” said Stronks who opted to continue with the project despite completing his city service last year. “We’re shy a little bit, but we’re still working on it. I’m hoping I can get it all donated, so citizens won’t have to worry about it coming out of the (city’s) budget.”

Stronks said the new multipurpose court could serve as a draw for both residents and tourists. It will allow for tennis, basketball and pickleball.

Stronks has played pickleball and greatly enjoyed it.

“It’s just like playing ping pong, only it’s like playing tennis. It’s really fun. You’ll like it. I promise,” he said.

Ashton Mayor Tom Mattingly is glad to see Stronks continue with the project and says it’s needed in the city.

“Teddy’s done a good job on it. It’ll be a good court. A lot of people put work on it. It’s a nice thing to do,” he said.

The city’s previous tennis court had seen better days and needed to be replaced. As about 10 feet of the court was privately owned, the city couldn’t apply for grants to fix it up or replace it at its former location. As a result, the city tore out the former tennis park and opted to build the multipurpose court further inside the park.

“The other court was old. It was built in the early 70’s and made out of asphalt. (The court’s new surface) is made out of high post-tension concrete. It’s got the longevity of 80 years, (despite) being in the outdoors like it is. It should last a long time,” Stronks said.

Stronks says that he opted to continue with the multi-purpose court project to ensure that it was completed.

“When you start something, you finish it. That’s my goal, to finish it,” he said. “I hope we have it going by July sometime,” he said.

For more information on donating to the multipurpose courts call the city at (208) 652-3987.