This photo and the following photo were taken of the Teton River near where Fish and Game has proposed a boat ramp off of 3000 West.


ST. ANTHONY — On Friday evening, three young men went to swim at the Monkey rock bridge. Two had to be rescued and one didn’t make it. 

According to Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries, deputies as well as search and rescue are on the scene now looking for the body of a 21-year old male. 

Sheriff Humphries said that while in the water, the young men floated in tubes over a diversion dam and the currents stranded two of the young men and an undertow dragged the 21-year-old male under the dam, trapping him and drowning him. 

Sheriff Humphries said that the water was cold and the water levels were high.

Sheriff Humphries is at a 4H function and is currently out of town. He said he has several deputies as well as search and rescue officials on scene doing their best to recover the young man's body and to identify him as they are still trying to retrieve it from the river.

He said he doesn’t know the identity of any of the young men. He is unsure if any of them are students from Brigham Young University-Idaho but said that the young man who died is from Idaho. 

Law enforcement and media all over the valley have been warning community members all spring to be cautious in the water.

“I encourage everyone to be familiar with all the rivers they are going to be floating on. And to go with someone who knows what they’re doing,” Sheriff Humphries said. “And to never float over a diversion dam. They create a significant current that can be fatal.”