REXBURG — Pizza Hut is being demolished and in its place may stand a new shopping center that could be home to three business including Pizza Hut. Drawings and plans for what the building might look like are available from public records through the City of Rexburg.

Bob Kraclicek, Director of Real Estate, said that the Pizza Hut will be back in the area as part of a strip center in the same location. According to Pizza Hut officials, they’ll be located inside the plaza and be the business closest to Main Street on the far left of the building.

In a previous interview with Kraclicek, he said it could take five to six months before they are ready to serve the public again indicating that may be how long it will take for the building to be constructed.

The owners of that property also own Great Scotts which is just next door. They were unavailable for comment and it is unknown as to who will be going into the plaza once complete.

At the time, Kraclicek said that crews were working to gut the building and take anything of value out. He said that the new building could have two or three other tenants besides them.

According to the parcel report from the Madison County Assessor’s office, the property that includes the Pizza Hut building was worth $297,530 in 2018.

According to documents provided by the City of Rexburg, contractors will be removing existing sidewalk around Pizza Hut, demolishing the Pizza Hut building, relocating the telephone box and electric meter, removing a nearby shed and fencing, relocating a service pole as well as existing dumpsters. They will also be removing and replacing existing asphalt in the demolition area.

The proposed structure would have approximately 4,569 square feet of floor space divided into three leasing areas, all with somewhere around 1,500 square feet in floor space. The building will be surrounded by parking and patrons will still be able to access the Medicine Shop’s drive-through and parking area.