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Several hundred people rallied in support of President Donald Trump in downtown Boise on Saturday.

Several Republican candidates for office spoke to the crowd gathered at Ann Morrison Park. Then, a caravan of vehicles, most of which sported a variety of Trump and American flags, headed for downtown Boise. Hundreds of cars circulated the blocks of Jefferson and Bannock, between 12th and 16th Streets.

Participants shouted “Trump 2020!” and “Four more years!” from their cars, as passersby honked.

No significant counterprotesting was seen downtown Saturday. Apost from a religious leader in Boise was circulated widely on Facebook on Thursday; it encouraged people not to counterprotest.

Almost 2,000 people showed interest in the event online.

The rally was organized by Alex Kuzmenko of Meridian, who goes by Alex Kyzik online. He also organized two prior cruises in Boise and one in Portland this summer. Kyzik said on the Facebook event page that this was the last cruise he would organize before the Nov. 3 election.