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REXBURG — There’s a new greenhouse on North Second East Street selling flowers and it’s owned by Treehouse Nursery.

The Flower Petalers, a retail location for Treehouse Nursery, is a greenhouse that currently sells annual flowers and potted plants for porches and patios as well as hanging plants.

Shane Clements, manager at the Treehouse Nursery, said they have a nursery in Hibbard and all the flowers sold at the Flower Petalers’ greenhouse are grown in Rexburg. This is also not the only greenhouse they sell flowers out of.

“We have a small greenhouse in Ammon that we move flowers to and sell,” he said. “People just really enjoy the convenience of having the flowers right here in the city and it also makes it a beautiful spot to come to. We have a good relationship with Karie Annes. People will go get their shaved ice there and come over here to look at the flowers. Also, people come here and get hot looking at the greenhouse, then they’ll go over to Karie Annes and get something there. It’s just a really good location for us to make a little bit of revenue and help people buy their flowers.”

Max Clements, owner of the Treehouse Nursery, said that they’ve been in business for almost 30 years and as Rexburg has grown, they’ve found that there are many in town who don’t know about their business. They felt that people respond really well to the greenhouse in Ammon and thought it would be a great idea to bring it to Rexburg.

“We just love doing what we do and we feel that our product is hard to find anywhere else. The quality of what we do [is unique] and we do the containers for the city of Rexburg and few other cities. I just feel that we are affordable. It’s kind of fun to make such an awesome quality product that is affordable for a lot of people.”

He said that many have asked if the greenhouse in Rexburg is permanent and the answer is that they’re unsure. However they do plan to sell flowers till the beginning of July and will be selling pumpkins as well as an array of produce. He said they are partnering with an individual to bring apples, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more.