"Superman's" Dean Cain to join St. Anthony Police reserves on Tuesday

(Courtesy photo)

ST. ANTHONY – Superman will be sworn into the St. Anthony Police Reserves on Tuesday.

Television’s “Superman” Dean Cain plans to join “ChiPs” television star Erik Estrada and Daryl Williams as a member of the reserves at 11 a.m., Tuesday, June 19, at the St. Anthony Police Department. A Meet and Greet follows at 11:30 a.m.

“I am very excited to come to St. Anthony next week and to be sworn in. I’m very excited to start working with young folks and making a difference. I’m thankful to Erik Estrada, Chief Terry Harris and Reserve Officer Daryl Williams for bringing me on board,” he said.

Harris served as St. Anthony’s Police Chief for many years and retired last year. As the police chief, he arranged to have Estrada and his organization sign on with the police department. Following Harris’ retirement, then St. Anthony police officer Allen Neff took over for Harris and currently serves as the St. Anthony Police Chief.

Cain and Estrada have been friends for many years.

“We share a deep respect for law enforcement, so I am honored to serve with this task force in St. Anthony,” Cain said.

Cain is looking forward to working with Estrada’s “All About Kids” Task Force.

“As a single father (and a former superhero), I believe I’m in a unique position to help a lot of young people,” he said. “Internet predators, bullying and suicide are all real and dangerous problems that young people face today. I believe I can help bridge the gap between law enforcement, the community and kids.”

Cain says he’s especially concerned about internet bullying among children.

“With the advent and proliferation of social media, bullying has taken on so many different and dangerous forms. Bullying in person, pushing others around and being physical – has taken a back seat to online bullying,” he said.

Online bullying proves much worse than physical bullying as it leaves permanent emotional scars, Cain said.

“It’s psychological bullying – and that can be much more harmful and lasting, having repercussions far beyond teenage years,” he said.

Cain wants to warn youth of the dangers of the web.

“Kids need to be aware of these predators, their tactics and have the knowledge and tools to deal with and report them,” he said. “Kids need to be aware of what kinds of interactions are OK, what kinds are dangerous, and they definitely need to be open and honest with their parents.”

Cain grew up in Malibu with a best friend whose father served as a police officer.

“I was exposed to law enforcement from an early age. As I have grown older and traveled the world, I have come to respect law enforcement more and more and understand how important it is for law enforcement and the community to work together and to establish trust,” he said.

While Cain’s family hasn’t suffered from internet bullying or suicide, some of his friends and their children have thus prompting Cain to grow increasing concerned about the problem of bullying. Estrada’s group is especially focusing on suicide prevention.

“Everyone has experience some form of bullying. Everyone. I think it’s important to give kids the tools and perspective to deal with these bullies,” he said.

Cain got into acting as a result of having grown up with an actress mom, Sharon Thomas Cain, and a film director father, Christopher Cain.

“I grew up on film sets. I thought everyone did,” he said.

Cain’s childhood friends included the likes of Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Holly Robinson and Rob Lowe.

While Cain grew up on film sets, he initially wanted to become a professional football player. In the meantime, he attended and graduated from Princeton University where he earned a BA in history later signing with the Buffalo Bills.

“(I) then promptly injured my knee. My transition from student-athlete to civilian came sooner than expected, but that’s the way life works. You react and adapt,” he said.

Football’s loss soon became Hollywood’s gain as Cain went on to work as an actor. He acted in various productions and got his big break as Superman in ABC’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” from 1993 to 1997. He’s also acted in numerous films such as 2010’s “The Way Home,” the 2014 “God’s Not Dead,” and this year’s “Winter’s Dream.”

Cain especially loves being behind the camera.

“I love being a filmmaker. It’s an incredibly rewarding job at times because you can truly affect people’s lives. You can make them laugh, love and cry. You can make them question things, change their perspective and educate,” he said.

Cain hopes to convey his filmmaking skills into his work in St. Anthony.

“You can tell stories that inform, entertain and teach – all things I hope to do as a member of the ‘All About Kids’ Task Force,” he said.

For more information on Cain’s upcoming swearing into the St. Anthony Police Department Reserves call 208-624-4001.