ST. ANTHONY — The Broulim’s in St. Anthony is getting a new pharmacy and drive-thru window.

Lane Sommer, store director for the St. Anthony Broulim’s, said the pharmacy is going to be in the building that they are currently in. They will be doing some remodeling inside to take over some of the office space and the entryway to make room for the new pharmacy. They will also be adding a new office space and a drive-thru.

Sommer said the total remodel will add up to about 1000 square feet and should be finished and ready for public use around mid to late October. Bateman Hall, Inc., out of Idaho Falls, is the general contractor for the project.

They will also do some minor remodeling inside the store to make it a little more modern. Sommer said that at no point will they be closing the store though it might be a little dusty inside. He said they’ve been through three remodels while he’s been there and they’ve never had to close.

Sommer said that this may be the first step to a total remodel or even a new building down the road. The company has thought about making changes to that store for a long time.

Sommer said Broulim’s plans for additions and remodels years in advance and they haven’t had to cut back on anything.

“This has been on the timetable for quite sometime but they felt now was the time,” he said.

When asked if weather was a factor in deciding when to do the remodel Sommer said yes. Since there is no snow or ice, the ground is softer and it makes excavating the ground for an addition easier for contractors.

Locals will now be able to go to their regular medical provider and acquire their prescriptions at their hometown Broulim’s.

Sommer said that many have asked when Broulim’s will get an in-house pharmacy and requests have been coming in more frequently the last two to three years prompting corporate to take action and start the remodeling process. He said they had everyone from young mothers to older residents asking for this change.

“A drive-through is a real advantage, especially for young mothers who don’t want to drag their sick kids through a store,” Sommer said.

He said this is an opportunity to keep their customers here in St. Anthony versus heading to Rexburg for their regular prescriptions.

When asked if they will have a grand opening for the pharmacy, Sommer said that they won’t but that there will be a celebration held when the time comes.

“We’re hoping that people will enjoy it being here and utilize it and not have to go out of town to get their prescriptions, and [we’ll] try to make it good for everybody,” he said.