wyodaho fire

Yellowstone National Park officials closed a small area of the park near the popular Bechler River Trail Friday after a small wildfire was recently discovered.

The 1-acre fire, called the Wyodaho Fire, was first seen Wednesday by a medical aircraft about three-fourths of a mile from Wyodaho Lake in the southwest corner of the park.

“The fire is smoldering and creeping in grass and open timber,” the park said in a news release. “It is less than a mile from the Bechler River Trail and is about 600 feet above the trail.”

The park said no trails or campsites have been closed because of the fire, but a 1-mile diameter area closure has been implemented to provide a margin of safety around the fire. The safety margin begins just to the west of the Bechler River and Bechler River Trail.

“The fire will be monitored by fire personnel and the closure will be expanded or contracted as needed,” the park said.

Yellowstone National Park generally allows fires to burn as part of the natural ecosystem.

“Fire plays an important role in maintaining the health of this area’s wildlife habitat and vegetation,” the park said.