Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held at Hemming Village

The ribbon cutting took place on Sept. 10, 2018.

REXBURG — Hemming Village held it’s ribbon cutting ceremony Monday, Sept. 10. It was a history continued, said Hemming Properties President Richie Webb.

Webb said that the Hemming family has been in Rexburg for 100 years and that his family are direct descendants of Thomas E. Ricks.

Webb says that growing Rexburg is part of their family legacy. In fact, the little red cabin and white house located down the street from Jimmy Johns are family homes that have been renovated, furnished and fully functional. His grandparents lived in the cabin and expanded into the white house. And now, the Hemming family spends Christmas and other family functions in the cabin and white house.

The Hemming Village project was started by Lane and Val Hemming, his two uncles on his mother’s side.

“They are the drivers of all this and I’m just the dustpan,” Webb said.

Hemming Village is actually a two phase project. Webb said the first phase was the north side of the street, with LuLu Bella and Deseret Book among others. And the second phase was the south side of the street, with the new apartments, restaurants and other businesses.

In total, Hemming Village has 890 parking spaces including the parking garage in the new building, Webb said.

The housing has a variety of plans for renters and the lowest rent is about $640 a month with the higher end being about $795, off of the top of Webb’s head, he said.

When asked how brand new housing located in central Rexburg is so affordable, Webb said that the housing was part of the whole project and it was one of the things they wanted to do. The housing is targeted toward newly married couples just starting out but Webb says that they are open to a variety of citizens.

“It’s part of the greater whole,” Webb said.

All apartments have been rented out and soon renters will be moving in. There are 52 residential units and one AirBnB unit. Webb said the reason why they built one unit for AirBnB use is because during holidays and special occasions they realize that many of their tenants might have relatives looking for a place to stay when visiting. He said that it’s more of a test-AirBnB because if it works they could always convert space for more AirBnB units or if it doesn’t work out they can easily turn the AirBnB unit into a normal renters unit.

New businesses will open soon in that location as well. Five Guys opens Tuesday, Sept. 11, and Righteous Slice opens Thursday, Sept. 13, Webb said. The Chocolate Factory is scheduled to open Oct. 15 and Insomnia Cookies is set to open sometime near the end of October or early November, replacing Baked.

Idaho Central Credit Union is open now and is the only one of it’s kind with state of the art technology of virtual reality housing and car tours, Webb said.

In the meantime, there is only one more unit that they are working to fill with potential renters, Webb said.