REXBURG — Elizabeth Gulley Hill was a young teen when her sister died. Her sister was sick for 10 years and medication no longer had an effect on her body. Her immune system was no longer working and she passed away. The tragedy led Hill’s mother to look for alternative medical solutions and it sparked a passion in Hill for holistic treatments. Today, she owns Izzy’s Health Solutions in Rexburg; a store that sells CBD and essential oils.

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is an oil created from the hemp plant, a relative of the marijuana plant that has little to no THC. THC is the part of the marijuana plant that is psychoactive.

Hill says that the CBD oil sold at her business has no THC in it. She said that before opening their business last February, she went to the local police to make sure everything checked out and that it would be legal for them acquire and sell CBD oil.

“We’ve had no issues. Before we opened, we went to the police department and let them know we’re opening and had labs for our different products,” Hill said. “And then last month they came in and did their homework and did their own lab testing and we haven’t heard back from them.”

She said that due to Idaho laws, they can’t make any claims about the CBD oil curing anything.

“We can’t make any health claims, that’s the rules with it being legal,” she said. “It has to be from an industrial hemp plant and can’t have any THC and they can’t make claims.”

She said they get a lot of people who are looking for pain relief or are looking for help with their anxiety symptoms.

“We can’t say that it will help you but they can try it out and do their own research,” Hill said. “We share the information we have and we give pamphlets for the products we carry and tell them to see if it’s right for them.”

Hill has rheumatoid arthritis and she said the oil helps with her symptoms.

“After researching CBD oil it seemed to be a natural supplement that could help a variety of things,” she said. “And it’s actually trying to help the body be in balance with itself. Trying to get the body to correct itself instead of treating a symptom. But at the same time it is very powerful in its effect to relieve pain and anxiety.”

The business also sell essential oils. She said they had people coming in thinking that they already sold essential oils, so she decided to sell them too.

She said they use products from Joy Organics out of Colorado and Lazarus Naturals out of Oregon. They also carry “Try The CBD” vape line, which includes a variety of CBD vaping oils and a few American Shaman products.

“We’re looking to expand those product lines too,” Hill said. “It’s hard to find companies with high quality products with no THC. The state regulation really limits what I can bring into the store.”

She’s also looking into bringing in classes for her patrons.

“Anything to do with natural health. From food to energy work to meditation, yoga, anything that has to do with the mind, body, and spirit,” Hill said. “I also have two therapy rooms I hope to do more with. Energy work, foot work, aromatherapy, a whole list of ideas and things I want to bring in. Detoxing too.”

When asked what people ask about the most, she said they ask if anyone has given them grief about selling CBD oil.

“That’s one of my biggest questions, and people don’t,” Hill said. “They’re extremely grateful that we’re here.”

Hill said that they try to create a spa-like environment for people to come, relax and heal.

“We’re here to help, come in and ask any questions,” Hill said. “Don’t feel like you have to buy anything just come in and see what we have to offer.”

Their business is located in the Broulim’s plaza next to Jamba Juice. For more information, visit Izzy’s Health Solution’s Facebook page.