REXBURG — On July 27, Madison Liberty Institute, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students become involved in government, hosted a student debate at Rexburg City Hall.

All participants were from local student political groups, Progressive Student’s Society and Young American’s for Freedom, who came prepared with research in hand to argue between a bipartisan mediator on subjects from the electoral college, universal-based income, and prison systems.

“I really believe in individual freedom and I was really excited to find a group that embodied that,” said Evelyn Semerau, with Young American’s for Freedom.

This wasn’t the first debate Semerau has attended, but it was the first she had participated in. She and her partner argued for the continued use of the electoral college.

“The point of the electoral college is to have equal representation for everybody and that is not going to happen with the popular vote,” Evelyn rebutted during the debate.

One member of the Progressive Student Society arguing for the reform of the electoral college said, “As we’ve established, it [the electoral college] is an antiquated system that is not fair for the american voters.”

The audience even had a chance to get involved at the end of each round of debates.

One audience member asked, “it could be argued that the electoral college makes the voting progress easier [...] what is your response to that?”

Similar student debates are held across the nation for students to become involved in spreading political awareness and ideas.

The next debate will be held in the Fall; the date is to be announced.