In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger has filed an application to open a location in Logan, Utah.

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LOGAN, Utah - The city of Logan received an application for In-N-Out Burger this week, and the Planning Commission will meet to discuss the application as a workshop item at its next meeting on Oct. 22.

“I think people are going to be very excited,” said Kirk Jensen, Logan’s director of Economic Development. “From the economic development side, I’m always hearing from people, they’ll email me or call me on the phone and say ‘why don’t we get this business?’ In-N-Out is one of those businesses a lot of people have wanted to see come to Logan for a long, long time.”

The application lists 404 N. Main as the address, currently the Nyla’s Shell gas station, as consideration for building review.

“I think it will help energize the whole 4th North corridor,” Jensen said. “It’s really the Highway 89/91 corridor, so a lot of people are traveling through Logan on it east to Bear Lake and Yellowstone ... and they might stop and eat there, and then decide to stick around and explore downtown.”

Jensen said after the Oct. 22 planning commission meeting, the application will go to predevelopment review on Oct. 28, where various department heads can learn more about how the business, from safety, street access and traffic to utilities and garbage.

The reaction on Facebook to the news on Thursday has been largely excited. Within 30 minutes of the announcement, hundreds commented on various posts shared.

Traffic is the one concern about the proposal voiced by locals on social media, such as Tyler Riggs, who called the location terrible.

“Imagine the disaster that most fast food restaurants (have) lately with drive through traffic spilling out into the road, and then imagine that on 400 North or Main Street,” he commented on Facebook. “I cannot fathom how the city would permit this without significant modifications to ingress/egress.”

The soonest the project will be approved would be the Nov. 12 planning commission meeting.

Russ Holley, the project manager for the proposal, was out of the office for Fall Break and unavailable for comment.

Stacy Christofferson, the business license clerk for the city, said she has not yet received a license for the popular franchise to open in the city, but added she usually only gets the official license application when the business is two weeks out from opening.