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(Boise) –Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) launched an updated website today. The first priority for the

website is to provide accessibility for individuals with sight disabilities, make it mobile-friendly, and

generally easier to navigate. The new site also has improved communication tools and a more visual

user experience.

Visitors can easily find information on recreation, fire, forestry, leasing, mining regulation, and lakes and

rivers protection. There is a new subscription service feature allowing people to sign up for information

and updates on specific topics. Those who do business with IDL will want to look for the homepage

button titled “Access IDL.” The link features IDL’s growing online services, including timber sales

information and leasing opportunities.

IDL’s mission is to prudently manage Idaho’s endowment assets to maximize long-term financial returns

to public schools and other trust beneficiaries, and to provide professional assistance to the citizens of

Idaho to use, protect and sustain their natural resources.

“The website gives us more opportunities to support our mission through improved communication and

outreach, while also educating the public about our services and the work of our dedicated employees,”

said Dustin Miller, Director of the Idaho Department of Lands.

Visit the upgraded website at