REXBURG — Seats of the Brigham Young University-Idaho Center were filled today as Elder Ronald A. Rasband, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints addressed BYU-Idaho students for a Sunday Devotional.

Rasband said that President Nelson had charged the twelve apostles, as they travel throughout the world to speak about the recent dedication of the Rome Temple. He and all twelve apostles of the church made the Rome visit for the dedication of the temple in March of this year. 

Rasband spoke after his wife, Melanie Rasband. They both talked about their experiences and what they felt while they were in Italy. 

Melanie Rasband commented on a historic photo that was taken at the Rome Temple of the first presidency of the church and the Twelve Apostles standing in front of a statue of Christ and the original apostles. 

"In the magnificent moment where the photo of our husbands was taken in front of those statues, we were deeply humbled honoring these faithful brethren that we love in their divinely appointed roles as prophets, seers and revelators," said Melanie Rasband.

Elder Rasband shared his experience of giving a tour of the new Rome Italy temple to leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. At the end of the tour, Rasband presented the archbishop with a Christus statue. 

Rasband also noted the moment when President Nelson of The Church met with Pope Francis. President Nelson stated after his meeting with Pope Francis:

"The differences in doctrine are real and they are important. But they are not nearly as important as the things we have in common. Our concern for human suffering, the importance of religious liberty for all of society and the importance of building bridges of friendship instead of building walls of segregation."

In fact, Rasband said it was no surprise that after the recent fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, President Nelson wrote a handwritten letter of sympathy to Pope Francis. 

Rasband expressed his gratitude for the time he spent in Rome. 

"Having been in this eternal city, having been in this eternal temple, having been with God's prophet on the Earth and the brethren of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles, we came away more united than ever to go forward as witnesses in the name of Christ in all the world," he said.