Many locations on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, especially at higher elevations, will not be accessible this Memorial Day due to heavy snows and late thaw.

Most campgrounds are open but road surfaces may be muddy, or snow covered, with soft shoulders and ruts. Roads are still inaccessible at higher elevations. Please avoid saturated roads for safety and minimization of resource damage.

Rivers and creeks are high and fast moving. Use caution when selecting campsites, and keep a watchful eye on children and pets in areas near water.

Be prepared. Check the weather forecast. Take the gear you will need to be safe and comfortable in changing conditions. Always carry extra water, food, and outerwear. Be sure your vehicle can navigate rutted and muddy roads. Recreation managers recommend travelers use dry or paved roads.

Area info by District:

Ashton/Island Park –

· Mesa Falls is open but does not have drinking water.

· Big Falls Inn is open.

· Campgrounds that will be open for Memorial Day on Ashton/Island Park include: Buffalo, Grandview, Box Canyon, Flatrock, Upper coffeepot, Riverside and Warm River

· People can get to Warm River Cabin and Squirrel Meadows.

· Bishop road still has snow on the road.

· People can’t drive over Green Canyon Pass as there is way too much snow.

· Most of our roads are impassable a few miles from the Forest Boundary because of all the snow.

· Reclamation or Flagg Ranch Road is passable to the Wyoming boundary

Dubois –

· Campgrounds on Dubois are open (Stoddard and Steel Creek).

· The roads in the Cottonwood Loop and Aldous Lake area remain impassable.

· Many roads are very wet and muddy and a lot of other locations remain inaccessible.

Palisades –

· All of the Campgrounds on Palisades will open before the weekend.

· The RV Dump Site and Riverside Day Use are open.

· The Blowout, Big Elk, and Calamity Boat Ramps have the docks in and are good to go.

· The Elk/Jensen Road is closed, this is the road between Bear Creek and McCoy Creek.

Montpelier –

· Minnetonka Cave is open.

· All Montpelier Concession Campgrounds with the exception of Emigration and Summit View will be open.

Soda Springs –

· Pine Bar and Gravel Creek will be open by May 24th.

· Mill may be open by May 30th. This is weather dependent.

· Cabins, Eight Mile, Stump Creek, Clear Creek, Caribou Basin and Cub River are accessible.

· Locations that are not open yet include: Egan Basin and Diamond Creek.

Teton Basin –

· All Campgrounds are open except for Teton Canyon (it is under snow).

· Very few forest roads are open. Some roads are open for a couple of miles into the Forest before snow closes access.

Westside –

· All campgrounds, group use sites, rental cabins and restroom facilities will be open for Memorial Day weekend.

· Due to the heavy winter and wet spring some gates will remain closed until the road base dries out. These include: Inman, Toponce Canyon, Box Canyon and South Scout Mountain. All other gates are currently open.

· Recreationists please be advised that any trails that transverse the Malad, Portneuf or Bannock Mountain Ranges will most likely continue to be blocked with snow into the first two weeks of June.