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Idahoans are the most generous Americans and second only to Alaskans, reports a survey done by Windows USA.

“Idahoans would offer $182 to help a neighbor in need - among the highest in the U.S.” stated the report.

Windows USA added that Alaskans lend an average of $706.15 to neighbors in need.

“Alaskans should have no problem asking the people next door to water their plants if they were going on vacation then! Following them are the good people of the Gem State, who said they would lend a significant $182.33 – in fact, they are among the most generous in the US!” said the organization.

On the less than charitable scale, are North Dakotans, said the organization.

“They would still lend $16.26 if their neighbors needed financial support,” it said.

Overall Americans are generous said Windows USA Michael Allbritton.

“One of the biggest insights from our survey was how the majority of Americans will support and house a neighbor in need. It’s also deeply encouraging to find that people will provide considerable financial assistance to others in their community. It is clear from our study (how) communities across the country can rely on each other as part of a wider support network,” he said.

Windows USA created an interactive map showing American's generosity across the country. For more information visit