First ever Teton Film Festival proves a hit

(Courtesy photo Teton Film Festival)

Press Release Teton Film Festival

REXBURG – The Grand Teton Film Festival’s premier weekend kicked brought in over 120 patrons and 48 international film submissions. The event was held on Friday and Saturday.

The big winner of the festival’s awards was Derek Roper‘s film “Dream Girl” after winning “Best in Show” as well as awards for best screenwriting, best short film, best overall performance, best film scoring, best editing, best actor and best actress.

The winner of the feature film category was “Iron Brothers” by Josh and Tate Smith.

A post-event survey conducted by the film festival also found another audience favorite to be the film “Dottie” by Caleb Harris, which also won the category for best documentary.

The documentary was a short film about the director’s grandmother, and starred his children. He said that the main goal of the film was to help teach his children about family history. Dottie herself, now in her 90’s, had a special opportunity to attend a showing in the theatre at the festival as well.

With the slogan “Choose your experience,” guests of the Grand Teton Film Festival decided what events to participate in throughout the course of the weekend.

Attendees were delighted on Friday with an opening formal Gala, an opening night film showcase and a late-night showing of the silent film “Nosferatu”. On Saturday, attended workshops taught by industry professionals and also had the opportunity to view over eight hours and five theatres full of short films, documentaries, music videos, and feature films.

The event was concluded with an awards ceremony and celebratory concert with pianist William Joseph. The success of the event has the founder, Steven Vest, planning for the festival’s continuance next year. Vest hopes to make the event a keystone of summer activities in Rexburg.

The festival was created as a way to incorporate locals in the area and others worldwide in celebrating the art of filmmaking. The idea stemmed from a smaller scale event Vest has been hosting for the short film class at BYU-Idaho for over six years now.

The festival is hoping to join in the repertoire of South-Eastern Idaho’s summer events long-term as a yearly event in the area. If you are interested in learning more about how you or your business can get involved with the festival next year contact