Barbara McMurtrey


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Barbara McMurtrey.

What school do you teach at?

Hibbard Elementary.

What department are you with and what classes do you teach?

Second grade and I teach all subjects.

How long have you been teaching in general? At the school you are at now?

I have been teaching for 32 years. I have been at Hibbard for two years.

What made you decide to be a teacher?

My love for children drew me into teaching. I still remember the teachers that made an impact on my life and I want to do the same for my students.

What do you enjoy about being a teacher?

Watching the students learn and grow.

What are some challenges?

Making sure that you meet every students’ individual needs.

What is an experience you have had as a teacher that stands out to you?

There is always a new experience every day, that is what makes teaching so fun.

Why did you decide to teach at the school you are currently at?

I have always heard great things about the Madison school district, so I decide to apply to teach here. I have loved every minute and all the great things I heard are true.

What is something interesting about you most of your students don’t know?

My students usually know almost everything about me.

What are some things that are different in the education system now compared to when you first started teaching/when you were a student?

Teaching now is more student focused. You meet the student where they are and help them become successful learners.