BYU-Idaho winter enrollment numbers

Students walk by the Manwaring Student Center during a recent Winter semester.

REXBURG- Winter semester enrollment 2019 numbers came in from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Statistics released show a total campus enrollment of 19,235 students with a 2.9 percent increase of students from last winter semester.

In total, there are 13,019 online students accounted for this winter semester. In fact, the university has seen a 13.1 percent growth in the number of students taking online courses compared to last winter’s online enrollment of 11,513.

Brett Crandall, of BYU-Idaho media relations, said that the university has fewer students enrolled online than on campus, so a smaller increase in actual students will result in a larger percentage increase for online enrollment compared to campus figures.

Another contributor to increased online course enrollment is due to the Pathway program, which began in 2008 to help students gain a more accessible higher education.

”From fall 2009 to spring 2013, Pathway enrollment blossomed from 50 students to nearly 4,000. Within the same approximate period, BYU-Idaho expanded its portfolio of online courses from three to almost 150,” according to the BYU-Pathway Worldwide website.

More than 70,000 students have been served by Pathway, according to its website.

“BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s continued growth continues to result in greater numbers of students continuing their educational pursuits through BYU-Idaho’s online programs,” said Crandall.

In addition to online students, there are 4,463 students taking online courses or fulfilling internships outside of campus.

“Continued growth in enrollment can be attributed, in large part, to BYU-Idaho’s unique educational emphasis,” according to a BYU-Idaho news release.

Furthermore, on-campus enrollment is steadily increasing each semester. Statistics show that there are more males than females this school semester with the campus consisting of 10,137 male students and 9,098 female students. The total number of married students is 4,995, comprising 26% percent of the total campus student population, according to a BYU-Idaho news release.

“Our student enrollment both online and on campus has grown steadily since I came to BYU-Idaho in Fall 2015,” Crandall said. “BYU-Idaho saw a small, temporary decline in enrollment growth with the 2012 announcement of the missionary age change, but since the bump in missionaries, our enrollment has steadily increased.”

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