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A couple in the process of buying the Squealers Fun Park property is interested in being annexed in to the city of Rigby.

Kent and Ann Hansen came to the Rigby City Council meeting Aug. 1 to ask the city to provide sewer and water services to the property. Kent Hansen said they have signed an earnest money agreement and are now working to “get the ducks in a row.” He said he understood that in order to receive sewer and water services, the property would need to be annexed into the city.

“We’re willing to do that,” he said. “But the present owner is not willing to annex.”

He said the plan is to open the business in April of 2020. He said he was willing to pledge to annex into the city within six months of starting.

Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson said the city could commit to a will-serve contingent upon annexation. Council member Benson Taylor said he thought annexing the property into the city would be a good idea.

“I think we should do this, because this is something that’s pretty awesome to have in the city,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he did have a concern with not having a process to annex in an RV park. However, he said it would not be difficult to change if there was not.

“It’s just two words we have to add somewhere,” he said.

Council member Doug Burke said it would not be difficult to add the property to the city sewer and water systems.

“We’re fairly close on water and sewer there, anyway,” he said.

Richardson said in the case the city did provide those services, the developer would be responsible for putting in the pipe, and after the main pipe would be maintained by the city, while the service line would be maintained by the property owner.

Council member Nichole Weight’s motion to approve water and sewer services contingent upon the property’s annexation into the city passed with all present voting in favor.