Broulim's  purchases Teton Pharmacy in Idaho Falls and Ammon

REXBURG — Broulim’s expanded its pharmacy services by purchasing Teton Pharmacy in Ammon and Idaho Falls on Monday. The company made the announcement on Wednesday.

The two pharmacies offer home delivery service. Broulim’s Pharmacy Supervisor Marcus Hurst says future plans call to provide similar services at the Rexburg Broulim’s.

“Since we acquired them, we walked right in, and said ‘Delivery drivers, keep doing it.’ We want (to extend) the service to our Shelley and Sand Creek stores. We’re looking to slowly bring it to Rigby and Rexburg,” he said.

Hurst noted how Teton Clinical Pharmacy has served the Idaho Falls region for the last decade.

“(It) offers prescription services, compounding, bubble packing and delivery. Teton was operating two locations in Ammon on Jafer Court and 17th Street with a third location on Broadway in Idaho Falls,” he said.

Hurst stated that merging the two local pharmacies would increase access to healthcare services across South East Idaho. He added that Broulim’s plans to offer “point of care services” at the two Teton pharmacies just as it does in Rexburg.

Point of care refers to patients, unable to see a doctor, to be screened for conditions and to be prescribed medications. Such conditions include strep throat, urinary tract infections, flu, cold sores and travel sickness prevention. More services are planned to be added in the future.

“They come in at seven and will say their doctor’s office is closed, and they need treatment for something. Their doctor is on vacation, they don’t have insurance, they’re under insured, they’re having a bad month and their budget can’t afford (the medicine) – we take care of that,” Hurst said.

Customers have been known to ask pharmacists if there is an over-the-counter medication they can take instead of seeing the doctor.

“That’s been going on for years and years. The Board of Pharmacies started noticing that increase in the general public. They’re supposed to watch out for the health and safety of the public,” he said.

Hurst noted that Broulim’s was the first pharmacy in Idaho to provide clinical services and started doing so in 2018. The extra service costs around $20 that’s accepted on a cash only basis. In the meantime, Broulim’s is working with insurance companies to cover the cost of the service.

Thanks to the acquisition of the two new pharmacies, Teton and Broulim’s pharmacy patients may pick up their prescriptions at any of Broulim’s 10 pharmacies

“We are excited to be able to retain all of the pharmacy staff members from Teton Pharmacy and our team is working very hard to make this transition as smooth as possible,” Hurst said.

Plans call to remodel the Ammon store located at 3160 E 17th Street, Suit 164. The remodel will make room for a new compounding room and bubble packing operation with current pharmacy manager Joe Brown.

Compounding involves a mix of medications customized for each individual patient, Hurst said.

“We’re able to bring those ingredients into our lab that we just built at our new location in Ammon,” he said.

The Broadway location, located at 1855 W. Broad Street in Idaho Falls, will also undergo a few minor changes. Michelle Misko will serve as the pharmacy’s manager. Staff pharmacist Kim Kohler will continue as the pharmacy’s staff pharmacist.

Hurst said the plan is to make Broulims’ pharmacies a major part of Broulim’s, and that by purchasing the two new pharmacies will prove positive for the company and surrounding communities.

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