SUGAR CITY— The results from Tuesday's election are in.

Up for grabs was a $5,590,000 bond and a $200,000 levy for the Sugar-Salem School District. There was also a race for an open seat on the district’s board of trustees.

The bond failed to gain the number of votes needed for a two-thirds majority, receiving 395 yes votes and 283 no votes.

The levy passed, only needing a simple majority. 424 people voted yes, while 257 people voted no.

Whitney Crapo won the election race to gain a seat on the board of trustees. She ran against Suzanne Brewer, receiving 88 votes against Brewer’s 47 votes. Voting for the board seat was open only to those who live in the areas Crapo and Brewer represent.

With the failure of the bond to pass, the board of trustees will have to plan a new path for the district at their next meeting.