Emmet (left) and Rex Dangervest (center), both voiced by Chris Pratt, are shown in a scene from “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.”

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"The LEGO Movie 2”

Warner Brothers

Directed by Mike Mitchell

Starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Tiffany Haddish, Stephanie Beatriz and Alison Brie

Rated PG

3 Stars

I am pleased to report that everything is still pretty awesome in “The LEGO Movie 2.”

This sequel doesn’t feel quite as fresh as the 2014 original movie, but the characters still pop, the animation has a delightfully rudimentary style and there’s plenty of silliness to keep you smiling throughout the film. If your kids enjoyed the first “LEGO Movie,” then I am certain that they have a blast revisiting these characters.

The characters from the original film are back, but their LEGO city of Bricksburg has morphed into a dystopian society called Apocalypseburg that would be an appropriate location for “Mad Max,” or at least his children. I’ll forgo a general plot description because as is the case with a lot of kids’ play, the narrative is all over the place, throwing multiple storylines and characters into the mix. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s never too confusing to follow, and the comic mayhem is delightful.

This is one of those films that fires hundreds of jokes at you with the hope that some of them will land. Honestly, many of these humorous moments elicit more groans than genuine guffaws, but the non-stop barrage of silly antics should nevertheless put a smile on your face. The same holds true for the smattering of original music, with the ubiquitous “Everything is Awesome” being replaced this time out by “The Catchy Song.”

As was the case in the first movie, this one is aimed at pleasing the whole family. We get LEGOfied characters like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and WNBA legend Sheryl Swoops that probably won’t mean much to younger audiences. Parents should also appreciate the film’s message about gender parity, although the cynic in me thinks that the idea that LEGOs aren’t just toys for boys is a nod to marketing as much as it’s a heart-felt message of equality for children.

Once again, I doubt that the kids will snap to this. They don’t have to pay for the LEGO playsets, after all. I suspect that they will simply be thrilled by a film that mostly-recreates the magic of the original “LEGO Movie.” The over-the-top characters, silly settings and abundance of jokes make this into a genuinely delightful night out at the movies for the whole family. The kids will laugh. Mom and dad will smile at the jokes aimed at them and appreciate the movie’s wholesome, PG nature. What more could you want from a family movie?

Indeed, everything is still pretty awesome in “The LEGO Movie 2.”

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