Ashton's Ryan Hamilton to appear on Jimmy Fallon tonight

(Photo Courtesy Ryan Hamilton) 

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ASHTON – Ashton’s very own Ryan Hamilton is going Hollywood tonight - again.

The Ashton native plans to appear on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” alongside fellow guests singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and Houston Rocket’s professional basketball player Russell Westbrook.

“Ryan Hamilton is a stand-up comedian best known for winning America’s Next Great Comic search in 2005 and winning the Great American Comedy Festival in 2011,” says the show in a press release.

Hamilton has appeared on numerous late-night television shows that include “Conan,” “The Late Late Show” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. He also released his first Netflix comedy special “Happy Face,” reports the show.

According to, Hamilton earned an Associates Degree in Journalism from the university.

“It was while at BYU-Idaho he discovered his love for stand-up comedy,” it reported.

In the article Hamilton insisted that he was a “quiet kid” who spent much of his time observing things. He claimed to never be the class clown, but enjoyed being funny. 

Hamilton loved the comic section of the newspaper, and from those comic strips, he decided to become a journalist.

“I had a radio show,” Hamilton said. “A few of us were interested in comedy, and for our little radio shows, we decided to do a remote (show) at Craigo’s Pizza (now Pizza Pie Café). We did comedy there as a remote.”

Those early beginnings helped launch a career to where Hamilton went on to guest on popular late night shows and to also create his "Happy Face" Netflix series.

“The title comes from a joke where I always look happy, though I don’t always feel that way,” he told the Standard Journal in a previous article. “It’s stories of my life, and the contrast between living in Idaho and New York.”

Hamilton said his humor revolves around observations he made from living in an environment that is the polar opposite of rural Idaho.

“I think a lot of them are pretty obvious,” he said. “In terms of my personal life, I talk about how New Yorkers’ attitude doesn’t always reflect what’s going on in the rest of the country. They say, ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,’ but I really don’t feel they could make it in Idaho.”

Hamilton has lived in New York City while pursuing his comedy career. He said that living there has taught him more about the people who live there and that he’s part of a family of New York comedians.

“I think New York gets a bad rap on how bad it is. People will help you, though they might do it with an attitude,” he said. “Making it in New York requires a lot of endurance. It takes a long time to figure out how to live here. It took me a while to get acclimatized and get in a position financially to get in a normal, livable home. For me it’s just putting in the years where I can say, ‘Now it feels like home.’”

When it comes to comedy, Hamilton stands out in stand-up by using clean language and avoiding raunchy topics. A review for Hamilton on his website said, “His stories and delivery are so funny, it doesn’t even cross your mind that he works completely clean. … You’re too busy laughing to notice he’s not like the others.”

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