Sugar-Salem High School Academic Decathlon team takes 1st in State

Back—(IAD Board Member) Daniel Baird, Logan Cox, Kasidee Brewer, Casey Ashcraft, Micah Maughan, Mason Lewis, Jacob Yeaman, Garrett Bradshaw, Samuel Funk, Tanner Dupree. Front—Allie Hunt, Sarin Christensen, Jasmin Browning, Abby Baird, Kylee Lusk, Jackson Davis, Kyle Brunson, Claire Rushforth, (Coach) Heather Baird. Not pictured: Aidan Alley, John Taylor.

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On March 5th and 6th, the Sugar-Salem Academic Decathlon team competed online for the State meet.

It came away with an impressive score of 38,834 points, securing them the first-place trophy. Sugar students also scored 63 individual medals and secured six of the nine overall medals. Overall awards were given as follows:

In the Honors category, Jacob Yeaman won the overall gold and a $300 scholarship, and Mason Lewis took the overall silver. In the Scholastic category, Garrett Bradshaw won the overall gold and a $300 scholarship. Aidan Alley took the overall silver, and Casey Ashcraft took the overall bronze. In the Varsity category, Claire Rushforth took the overall silver.

This year’s curriculum focused on the theme around the Cold War and included astronomy, economics and the fine arts during the Cold War era, and an in-depth study of Kurt Vonnegut’s postmodern novel, Cat’s Cradle.

The main team qualified to compete in Nationals, which will be held in April. More information on the program can be found on the national and state websites: and