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Disappointed in recall efforts

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Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:58 am | Updated: 10:03 am, Tue Jun 12, 2012.


I was very disappointed to read in the Standard Journal that efforts were being spent to recall Fremont school board trustees Phil Baker and Ben Clark.

It seems to me that the main complaint by leaders of the recall efforts, Julianne Hill and Andrea Morton, was the failure of their efforts to pass the $2.4 million supplemental levy.

 “Levy supporter, Julianne Hill, who led a last ditch campaign to convince voters to approve the levy, was the most pointed in blaming the board.” (05/19/12 edition of the Standard Journal) Recall supporters seem to think that the levy defeat was the fault of the school board.

 The defeat of the levy was not the fault of Phil Baker or Ben Clark, but, in my opinion, the defeat was the result of, thankfully, the democratic process called “election.”

The levy failed to pass by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent, because the majority of voters said NO to the tax increase. What part of NO don’t Hill and Morton understand?

I commend the school board for deciding not to spend resources to hold another levy election this year. I urge Phil Baker and Ben Clark not to resign from the school board as a result of the recall petition.

 If there is a recall election, I’m confident that the decent and fair minded voters of Fremont County will vote to retain them both.


St. Anthony

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