POCATELLO (AP) - An Idaho state judge has sentenced a convicted bigamist to up to three years in prison and set a restitution hearing for late August.

Christopher Cameron was sentenced Monday by 6th District Judge Robert Naftz, who gave him credit for the nine months he has spent in jail. Cameron pleaded guilty to felony bigamy in April.

Tonya Gifford Kunz, a former Pocatello woman who was married to Cameron for five weeks before filing for an annulment in February 2009, told authorities that he lied to her about his income, assets, health and last name and left her with a huge amount of debt.

Cameron married another woman, who lives in Utah, in 2007. The Idaho State Journal reports he left her shortly before their first anniversary and she is still trying to divorce him.

The judge cited a criminal hearing going back three decades, before imposing the sentence.

"I think you're a flimflam man," Naftz said. "You take advantage of situations and people."

But Cameron's attorney, Randall Schulthies, said that while Cameron's record is extensive, he only had one felony charge against him and most of the other cases against him were either reduced or dismissed.

"This is not the crime of the century," Schulthies said.

Both women said they met Cameron on a Mormon dating website. Gifford Kunz said the sham marriage deeply affected her and her family.

"Cameron is a predator who takes advantage of single mothers," she said. "The first opportunity he has, he will do it again."

Bonnie Cameron of Ogden, Utah, said she would have liked to see Cameron get the maximum sentence of three years fixed in prison, but she's glad he will be spending some time behind bars.



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